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5 Home Renovation Ideas To Make Your Melbourne Home Look Even More Spacious

Making your home look and feel larger without a major reconstruction can be easily achieved with some simple renovation ideas. Sometimes it’s all about tricking the eye into making a room look and feel more spacious and other times there’s a need to makeover the design, refresh the décor and introduce some special touches that only a qualified builder can do. These 5 home renovation ideas are sure to inspire.

1. Declutter and simplify

Before you can get a good idea of where you are at, the area you are looking to make over needs a good spring clean. By clearing out the clutter and becoming organised you’ll instantly open up your space and feel less cramped. De-clutter your walls and your floors and keep the décor in your home to a minimum.

Home renovation ideas

2. Keep colours streamlined

A room with lots of different colours and textures can overcomplicate a home. A fresh coat of paint in a light neutral tone can help open up a space. Dark colors absorb light and can make a small space feel even more cramped.

3. Clever choice of lighting

The more light that you can introduce into your home the better. By removing heavy drapes, windows can allow natural light to flow freely. Where artificial light is needed, seek advice on the best positioning and incorporate spotlights or lamps to add a touch of color and attention to focal pieces of furniture or artwork.

Home renovation ideas Melbourne

4. Mirror mirror on the wall

Did you know that mirrors are one of the best pieces of furniture to use in a small space? A large framed mirror positioned on a wall will give the illusion of depth. They also help to bounce light, which makes a space feel more bright and open.

5. Custom designed furniture

Cleverly designed furniture can do wonders when it comes to renovating. In-built wall cabinets and bookshelves help to keep items off the floor and multi functional pieces of furniture are clever ways to limit your need for multiple side tables and benchtops . Wall mount as much as possible to to keep limited floor space clear.

Practical refurbishments are clever inexpensive ways to renovate your Melborne home and give it a fresh, clutter free appeal. You’ll be adding significant value to your property and vastly improving the enjoyment you and your family will have behind your closed doors.
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